Lending a hand up

We're Here to Lend a Hand

Ever feel like you’re living life clinging to the edge?

On the edge of divorce?

On the edge of your sanity?

On the edge of your last nerve?


The truth is—whether you’re dealing with a tornado of toddlers, a dead-end job, or the wilderness of a struggling marriage—life is full of hard things that will push you to the edge…and sometimes over it.


In a symphony, dissonance occurs when notes clash—there’s no harmony. Composers use dissonance to create tension, build emotion, and grab the listener’s attention. It creates a stark contrast to the harmony that will eventually come, bringing resolution and creating a complex and beautiful work of art.

We experience seasons (sometimes dreadfully long seasons) of discord, but when we look to Christ—the Author and Perfecter of our faith, both Composer and Conductor—He brings our hearts and lives back into harmony and makes them into His beautiful masterpiece.


That’s why we’re here. We want to walk alongside you and share our stories, always encouraging one another to turn our eyes back to Christ. HE is the solution to every problem we have; He is our resolution. In this, there are a few subjects we are particularly passionate about:


  • Identity – learning who God is so you can know who you are in Him and who He created you to be
  • Marriage and Parenting – learning how to walk out our roles as husbands, wives, and parents in ways that honor Christ and bring glory to His name
  • Discipleship – learning how to walk alongside one another in transparent, vulnerable relationship in order to sharpen one another and expand the Kingdom of God


We’ll share all kinds of things in this space, but this is what you can expect most often: real, raw stories of trial, tribulation and failure that reveal who God is and bring us all back to His grace, glory, and grandeur.


We’ve all experienced life on the edge, when everything around us is discord and dissonance, but together through Christ, we can bring our hearts and lives back into harmony and revel in the beautiful music God is creating in our lives.