Meet Josiah and Alissa Coburn

Hi! We are Josiah and Alissa Coburn, and we’re glad you’re here! We are passionate about aiding individuals and couples to better understand their identity in Christ, helping marriages heal and thrive, and teaching others how to do the same. We know we’re just two people with limited capacity; but when we work together, we can change the world!

We are a blended homeschooling family living in Virginia. We have seven children, two grandchildren, and even a grand-dog! Between school, ministry, and other activities, life is never boring!

When we met in 2010, we had both been married before. Both of us understood the pain and brokenness of divorce and desperately desired NOT making the same mistakes. Even while dating and engaged, we were dedicated to learning how to have a Christ-centered marriage, and that desire has only increased over the years.

We were married in May 2012, and by the end of 2014 we were starting our church’s marriage ministry–not because we thought we were the greatest candidates (we understood the irony), but because we knew the need was great! In 2015 we attended or first FamilyLife Weekend to Remember event, and we were hooked! We have volunteered with our local team since then and are blessed to call them family.

We will be the first to to tell you we’re not perfect–no couple is! But that’s the beauty of the picture of the gospel of Christ in the context of marriage! We are two imperfect, fallible people who are called to be one flesh; only through the sanctifying blood of Christ is that possible!

That’s us in a nutshell, but you can find more about us individually below. If you ever have questions or just need to talk, please reach out. We can’t wait to get to know you!


Hi! I’m Josiah. I grew up in church and was home schooled, but eventually, I had to come to a place where my faith was my own. I tried for a long time to create an image of me that I wanted others to see instead of trying to understand who God actually made me to be.

I love talking with others about my journey and how I have experienced God’s goodness, as well as hearing how others are walking out their journeys with Christ.
I love cooking, and music of all types. I have been known to stop and dance with my wife and kids in the kitchen, though I don’t pretend to have any skills in that arena.
I love my family, and I love family traditions and have tried to instill new ones! 
I am ordained through our church, and have greatly appreciated any opportunity to share what God leads me to. I love digging into the Word, the meanings of the Greek and Hebrew, and seeing how interconnected all of Scripture is! 

Hi! I’m Alissa, and I’m a fun mess of contradictions. I’m a strong communicator who sometimes forgets the simplest of words. I love people and will extrovert for hours, but I’m just as happy alone with a great book and some coffee or hot tea. I’m crunchy enough to make homemade sourdough bread from freshly milled wheat, but sometimes my kids still eat cereal and ramen. Life is just a big hodgepodge. 

Homeschooling the kids is a harrowing, humbling and fun-filled adventure. With some of our younger kids, we’ve entered into the realm of navigating learning difficulties. It’s not always easy, but I’m grateful to get to walk these paths with the kids as they learn at their own pace.

I love reading, writing, speaking to groups, and just chatting with friends. I’m passionate about the Word of God and will happily geek out with you anytime about words from the Bible’s original language and historical context. It’s my jam.